Sunday, January 23, 2011

Feeling Useful in Her Retirement

A columnist in the Catholic Times tells us of the joys of retired life. She has so many things to say, she doesn't know where to begin. But begins by saying she now has no need to get up to go to work, no must-do plans for the day, go where she wants when she wants, see who she wants, go to the movies or study at her leisure...and being free to watch some good programs on television.

Like watching the Peace Catholic programs. Her faith life, she says with no exaggeration, has blossomed from all the talks she has heard by priests, sisters and, especially, lay people who have given talks on their own faith life.

Recently, she has been watching the "Dandelion Faith Classroom," which gives advice on how to evangelize both those who were former members of the community, and those who have no connection with the Church. Their advice is that we need to be more like the dandelion, whose seeds are spread all over by the wind. We start by being guided by three principles: be enthused by what we have received in grace and blessings; be evangelizing at all times, not limiting ourselves by any borders; and doing it all with fidelity.

Our columnist, with a group of like-minded Catholics has been visiting parishes, giving talks and appearing on television, discussing her own faith life  experiences.  From the time of her baptism in 1964, she has received all kinds of blessings, and continues to give thanks and continues to listen to God in the study of Scripture. She is happy that she continues to be used even in her years of retirement--as laughable as it may sound, she says with a chuckle.

She tells herself that honoring God and doing it all by herself is not all that God wants. He wants her to give to others what she has received. That is the very essence of  filial piety.

She concludes her column with a prayer: "Lord, I have overcome my embarrassment and have taken my place before others. Have the words that come from my mouth, like the seeds of the dandelion, find a resting place in the hearts of those who hear me. Amen."

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