Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flower Day Morning Art School

The Peace Weekly editorial reported that about 100,000 students stop their schooling each year. To help solve the problem, the Catholic Church has for some time set up alternative schools, both sanctioned and not sanctioned by the government, for those who find it difficult to attend the government schools. Some of the alternative schools follow the basic curriculum of the government schools. Of the 170,000 students eligible to attend these schools, only about 5000 are taking advantage of the opportunity. The alternative type of schooling would also help prevent the many North Korean children now living here who cannot attend the regular schools from losing out on their basic education. 

This month, the  Flower Day Morning Art School began its program for students.  For those who dream of working in the field of art but because of family poverty are not able to pursue the dream, this school will make the dream possible. There are dormitories and a beautiful campus, it will begin with nine students. The efforts of many were required to bring the dream into reality. The school, the project of the Seoul Young People's Group, is free for those with artistic gifts and too poor to follow their dreams.

6000 sponsor-contributors have made the dream possible; 28 have volunteered their talents and 3 have been hired as teachers. This is a work in progress and an attempt to give hope to many who have talent in the arts but because of family conditions can't avail themselves of the chance to study.

Eligible students will have graduated from middle school or have the equivalent of a middle school education. Those who graduate from the three-year course at the school and have  talent, will be given scholarships to go  to college.

Courses will include computer graphics, metal arts, pottery the plastic arts, creative use of natural dyes, and much more. Classes will be small to provide more personal attention. The Flower Day school is a wonderful dream come true. Hopefully, the sponsors will help keep the dream alive for many of our young who because of family circumstance would not have been able to realize their dream of what could be. For those who can read Korean the web site: