Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Unreciprocated Love is not Complete

Many years ago there was a popular Korean pop song 'Kap Do-ri and Kap Sun-ni'. The lyrics told the story of boy and girl who lived in the same village and  loved each other from afar. Their love, they thought,  was non reciprocated. Both got married to others, crying  on the inside and making  light of it on the outside.

A Sister professor who teaches Scripture and Hebrew at the Catholic University starts her article in the Kyeongyang magazine with this anecdote and mentions  they probably tried to show their affection for each other, but it wasn't understood for  otherwise the situation would have been different. Non reciprocated love to become complete love has to be reciprocated.

God has been writing love letters to us from the beginning, but we often miss the message. He showed this love by  creation, in history, in Scripture and In Christ. He approaches us but we  fail to adjust to his wave length. Our glory is that of all his creatures we alone have  the capacity to return that love.

We do realize, at times,  that he is sending us a message of love but   fear that if we accept this  love, we lose our freedom. Many others  see God as not interested in the problems of humans and not necessary: he prevents humans from progressing. Others find his message unpleasant--to deny ourselves, be protective of nature, and accept those who are not to our liking. Our first ancestors were faced with the same problems, and thought it would be better to be like God.

God is not free to demand love or a response, for it is no longer loving or dialogue when it is not entered freely. We can see this relationship right from the beginning in the Scriptures: the refusal to accept God's love, thinking we lose if we do.

God is answering our thirst for life. It is necessary for us to have experience of life to be able to see  our thirst and realize it is only God that can satisfy it. This experience of God working in us, Sister sees as most important.  Listening to the Word  enables us to be what he wants us to be. We can't reach this with reasoning and by proofs of science,but by  going into our hearts and seeing how his words correspond to our desires.  God created  with his word and continues to create with his word. It is when his word is conceived and given birth in us that we have life and can respond to love.