Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Both Catholic papers ran articles and editorials focusing our attention on a serious problem in the world: the degradation of the environment. June 5th being World Environment Day, the chairman of the bishop's committee on the environment also published a message, reminding us that we are cooperators with God in taking care of the garden we have been given.

Because of the worldwide demand for more energy, we are increasing the amount of carbon dioxide gas in the air. In the Namsan area of the city, we have had a deforestation 17 times what it was 35 years ago, which sends us a message that development has not always been positive but has in many cases destroyed the ecology of the area.
Sensitivity to the problems of the  environment, and a desire to find solutions to this ecological crisis are now more universal than ever, with governments and big business more accepting that there is a problem. However, it is not enough to just know the problem, the editorial stresses, it is necessary that we do something to change our way of living to an environmentally friendly one.

The Church has for sometime now been conscious of the environmental concerns and has begun programs to help ameliorate the situation. Along with other segments of society, the Church needs to discover and implement more concrete programs if an effective solution is to be found. 

One program the Church has inaugurated is the  "Enjoy Living the Uncomfortable Life" movement. This requires not a little sacrifice on the part of the participants, as we turn our eyes to an area of life that was not a concern in the past.

One example of this 'Green Movement' has taken root in one of the parishes, where they have listed 10 ways of enjoying living the uncomfortable life: decrease the house temperature in the winter; lower the use of the air conditioner in the summer, being careful always to conserve the use of electricity; reduce the use of plastic bags, and the like. Even kindergarten children are being exposed to this way of thinking, which promises that we will continue to have many to take care of the beautiful garden of earth that we have inherited.

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