Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where Was The First Button Placed?

On the spiritual page of the Catholic Times, the columnist tells us we all have a scroll that when unfolded reveals our life. But that only we can make it known to others, revealing minutely how we have reacted with others and the world. There are laughs and tears, scars and my brutal moments. If we want to be happy, he says, we have to examine this scroll and see what it tells us.
There are places where we see the constructive side of life, its joy, but also the inadequacies and much that is negative. There is no one outside of Jesus with a perfect scroll, so there is no need to be embarrassed or lose hope.

There is no need to see our history with  human  judgments and measurements. The glasses we use see mystery. We have from the beginning in God's providence been formed well. We have been made to live in harmony with God's will.

This is the measurement that we should use in looking over our life. Saying this in another way is to say that God is the only one to judge definitively. I do not make the judgement but leave it up to God to use his measurement.  According to the same rules, the world of politics, finances, culture and our present situation will be judged. Our work is to live in harmony with God's will.

Jesus is the model we are to imitate. Jesus was one with the Spirit and with God. We are made in the image of God; are we striving to live according to the blue print Jesus has given us.This standard is the first button that will lead us to genuine happiness. 
In recent times, we see many regretful things. The values of society are going in a different direction. But no matter our station in life, after a time, with this attitude, the bottom appears. 
Do our hearts hurt? Is life difficult? Are we giving our neighbor blame for the present situation? Do we have pangs of conscience because of some of our actions? Do we experience God? Is life a battle? Do we see life as meaningless and empty?
The answer our columnist says is to check to see where we have placed the first button.



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