Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Importance of Prenatal Care and Natural Birth

We are so inundated by information in today's world, delivered in many different and attractive ways, that it's hard to keep up with even a fraction of it. And whether the information is true and helpful requires discernment on our part. So when the Catholic Times reviewed the book, First Hour Of Life Determines All of Life, by Doctor Lee Gyo-won, the title of the book must have raised a few eyebrows in doubt, even though it was noted that the doctor has studied the issue for many years.

Catholicamericaneyesinkorea mentioned the work of the doctor and the new book in August 20th of this year before it was published.

The doctor is highly respected and in the past three  years has assisted at the birth of over 400 babies by using his principles: prenatal care in harmony with nature and with love, and natural birth. For a Christian being in harmony with nature fits in well with the way we see  life.

The article mentions that most of the babies born in hospitals or other medical facilities come into the world surrounded by an atmosphere of fear. He sees this as a reason for many of the problems children have in growing up and in their years of schooling. Studies on Cesarean and induced births show a higher incidence with problems later in life.  You are programing the child's personality, says the  doctor, in the  first years of life, beginning in the womb, at birth and within  three years after birth. This has been proven to be the case by many studies.

For this reason society should provide preferential treatment for expectant mothers. Having births without trauma, the doctor feels is one of the most important things that can be done to change society. This is not about having smarter children, he insists, but simply to have normal, well-adjusted children. The problems of society at present can be properly addressed, says the doctor, if we start right at the beginning of life, with prenatal care and natural birth.

For Christians it is another lesson that whatever we do, it should be done with all the care and love that we can muster; the results of doing otherwise, although often unknown to us, can be seriously damaging not only for the individuals involved but for the long range health of society.

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