Thursday, December 6, 2012

Marrying a Foreign Worker

"Sister, can I come over to the center to spend some time?" "Is this Yong-hi? Come on over!" This is the conversation the religious sister in charge of the migrant center begins  her article in Bible & Life magazine.

Yong-hi is the Korean wife of a Pakistani foreign worker,Jasideu,who lives close to the center. Her husband failed the exam necessary for naturalization and was coming to the center for classes; she accompanied the husband on occasions. There were a number of Korean women who had married Pakistani workers. Sister was cautious in relating with them for she had heard of foreign workers who were looking for simple Korean woman to marry to gain citizenship.They have even, said the sister, flirted with her. Since those from Islam have the practice of plural wives even if they have a wife back in Pakistan they can easily think of a second wife.

Listening to Yong-hi on many different topics she heard about how she met and married Jasideu. Her parents when she was young divorced, and she lost contact with her mother. Since her father was in construction work he moved around a great deal and left Youg-hi with relations. She felt uncomfortable in their family situation, and while in middle school ran away  a number of times.

The father would  spend much time going to the different centers where run-a-ways would go for temporary shelter. She was found in the last place with religious sisters who were running a home for young people. At the center she received love  she never experienced before. But this did not prevent her from continuing to run away. She met an older girl that enticed her to leave and they continued together until they had a fight and each went their own way; during this time she met Jasideu.

Jasideu had a similar background for he never knew his mother and lived with his father. Yong-hi became everything to him.Because of the childhood that Yong-hi had to endure she found in Jasideu something she never had before which explains the love she has for her husband. She wants now to share that love with others and wants to volunteer to work at the center.She wants to throw off the many years of unhappiness and gloominess that she experienced. 

For  Yong-hi what difference does it make what country your other self comes from as long as they help in seeing the world positively. Sister hopes that this love that Youg-hi has found  will continue to grow.

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