Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cheating in Learning

"A person stealing a sewing needle, will become an ox thief." Stealing something small is preparing one to steal something big.This Korean proverb would have similar expressions in many other cultures.

The Catholic Times has an article about cheating--a form of stealing. Surprising are the number of young people who have no sense of guilt when it comes to cribbing. We have seen in Korea many who have plagiarized and  especially among the young, not knowing they have done anything wrong. The article mentions for many to improve grades all is permissible; this thinking is wide spread and the reason we need ethics on learning. 

A response to a survey  made among 336 college students showed that 57.7 percent had cheated and 57 percent did it to better their grades. This is not only the case with college students. In a middle school in Pusan recently over half the students were involved in cheating. Inchon had a case with cheating among the high school students was overlooked,  and the majority in society thought it best to remain silent.

There are many examples of unethical procedures in exams, homework, and class papers, but  difficult to find any programs to teach the students the ethics of learning. Consequently we have little guilt when it comes to cheating and plagiarizing. One survey   among students, 36 percent said to receive the necessary credits it was unavoidable. 14.3 percent provided you weren't caught it was all right. Education that has the college entrance exam in their sight makes this a big temptation even for those with religious beliefs.

Those who have studied the situation say there is a need for education in this field. Study will help in the search for truth. A professor at the Catholic University is quoted as saying: " There are many students that have no idea that what they are doing is wrong. Since the object of learning is the search for truth only going about it in the proper way is it attained." 

What is important in learning is not to deceive. In an exam or homework one is making known one's personal efforts and lying is going against the truth.  There are many programs that are trying to raise the  ethical level of our students, fostered with books and Apps. (application software that are helpful in  understanding  the harm done with cheating) The whole issue may seem like a lot about nothing, but  students will be the leaders in our society and their honesty will influence the society in which we live.

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