Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Small Steps in the Eradication of Hunger

When living was difficult our ancestors considered a full meal a great grace, and before such a table would take pride in its bountifulness. When they welcomed guests the table would be laden with so much food, enough, to break one of the legs. This was the custom in welcoming guests. However, with the prosperity that  Korea enjoys today the tables full of food have turned to 'poison'.

One of the articles in the Catholic Times on efforts by Korea Caritas to eliminate hunger was written up for the benefit of the readers. In a year's time about 500 tons of food are thrown away. This accounts for about 28 percent of the trash. Money necessary for disposal is enormous. The environment is destroyed and we have economic loss. Distribution of food is unequal: hunger, and in some areas the serious waste of food.

The government and local municipalities along with homes, schools and eating places are working to manage the waste, but more importantly is the need to  change our eating habits. The campaign sponsored by Caritas to help eradicate hunger:  'Food, is not Garbage' is the slogan meant to motivate us to work to change our habits.

They are recommending a simpler menu. To select seasonal foods, prepare them simply: besides the rice and soup to have just 3 or 4 side dishes. Seasonal foods are cheaper and healthier is a message we hear often.

Eating out also has some recommendations: not to order more than you can eat, and what is  left over to bring  home  to use on another day.The efforts made will not only help our environment but will be healthier for us.  Below are the four steps recommended. 

(1) Prepare a menu for a week  and when shopping to keep it in mind and prepare accordingly.

(2) Prepare food from the season and simply. They are more nutritious and prepared simply will be healthier and better for the environment.

(3) When eating out: order only what you can consume. Order plain meals. If the portions are  large ask for a smaller portion. 

(4) Prepare a container to bring home what was left on the table.

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