Sunday, November 9, 2014

Begin the New Habit of Reading

Reading was always considered a must in the educational process and still is.The column:'Electronic World and the Book World' in the Catholic Times revisits the importance of books in our lives. Books are a person's best friend was often heard in the past, but to day we see another kind of 'book' in a person's hand. Whether we have less reading today than in the past is not easily determined, but that the reading is different seems to be undeniable.

In her column, a religious sister quotes a prisoner who spent over 10 years in prison as saying it was his habit of reading that enabled him to prepare for an unknown future. Habits prepare our landscape and character. Neurologically speaking what we think about daily is forming who we are.We not only gain   knowledge by reading but our patience and endurance develops. The deeper our reading the deeper our thinking, and maturer the personality we project.

She believes that there is less reading not only among the children, but among college students and  adults. All that is necessary is to hear a discussion among the college students: lack of confidence, difficulty in expressing themselves in writing, no  gleam in their eye, no enthusiasm, at times she sees them as lifeless zombies. More surprising, when prizes are given and they receive stationery or daily commodities there is joy, but even an expensive  book brings disappointment. A book means stress, something oppressive, similar to receiving a text book. This has  to change she says.

One who likes to read will see a deepening of their powers of thinking. A person who has not developed the habit of thinking deeply will find themselves overcome with thoughts that  take away their peace of mind. Persons who are accustomed to deep thinking and reading will have intellectual joy and delight, much stronger than any pleasure of the body. 

Those who are addicted to SNS, she says, are on average distracted every 3 minutes which has an adverse effect on the mental faculties. She  recommends that  the young and the old stop as soon as possible playing with their smart phones, from clicking on the TV or computer as soon as one enters the house.Those who find it difficult to enjoy  10 minutes of leisure, stay away from  gossiping, day dreaming, and being  overcome with loneliness she wants to introduce them to reading. 

Open any book and start reading. You have lived up to now without any problems?  The problem is now. Start developing a new habit. Like exercise, you work to build up your strength and continue, it is the last fort to protect the brain from the digital world in which we live. Begin reading, without delay, and continue until your eyes will not permit it any more. 

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