Monday, December 29, 2014


How does one get rid of a fixed idea? This was a topic in a round table discussion sponsored by the Catholic Digest. One of the participants, a priest nearing retirement age, looking over his own life experiences, expressed his opinion.

Often he says people would come to him with their problems;  expressing their frustrations and looking for help. Financial, family, marriage problems and the like, and he would listen. During the listening he would ask questions, if not clear, or get clarification in what was said, in most cases those who came for help end up with their own solutions.

Many who came for help were filled with anguish over their situation and by just talking over the issue they found release from the hold their thoughts had over them. When they found peace from the encounter with the priest it gave him great joy.

In his own life what brought him much joy and peace, and the stimulus to change his way of life was time spent in meditation. He remembers hearing in a lecture the words  'God of history' which entered his head not to be forgotten. The way God entered the life of the Israelites, God was entering his own life and he wanted to uncover the ways he responded over the years.

He was not baptized as an infant but while in the sixth grade of Elementary School, and he went on to the seminary high school. He felt that he was being led along the way by an invisible hand, which was God's will for him. As a deacon he wanted to go to Germany for studies but although the other students failed the test he thought he would pass the screening, but he also failed. If he had passed the exam he would have been ordained to the priesthood in Germany but having failed he was able to be with his family at ordination.

He was given a scholarship to study in France where he went on to study Asian philosophy hoping to write about theology from an Asian perspective.The studies helped him greatly to look for the will of God in his own life. Finding what God wants from him is where he is able to find happiness.This is the best way of not being a slave to obsessions that can bring havoc into our lives.

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