Thursday, September 11, 2014

Is Chastity a Word we Need to Discard?

The road that our young people have to walk in this age of pleasure is far from easy. "Who in this age uses the word purity?  If one wants to practice chastity they have to refrain from dating." At first I found it difficult and cried a lot, but after awhile sex became a pleasant pastime like eating and talking."  "One night stands are always possible. If the desire is there on the part of each, what is the problem? We both pay for the motel expense and it's a saving." These are some of the easy talk we have about sex to introduce an article in the Kyeongyang magazine by one who has studied the subject and lectures on sex.

Chastity is no longer a value. 45.6 percent of 1,254 college students said they had sexual intercourse, while half of those that did not have the experience said it was the lack of an opportunity. 66.1 percent of those older than 23 had a sexual experience while those older than 25 the percentage was 82.1 percent. This, the writer says, is not  from another country but a report about  Korean students in our newspapers.

The attitude displayed by the report, the writer finds disturbing. "Who in today's world uses the word chastity?" It is a word from another age. Is chastity now considered a vice and to be discarded?

Our sexual perceptions are formed by our culture which in turn are influenced, unknowingly, by the mass media. In the past we had the printed word;  today, images, there is a world of difference.

Students  entering college were asked to write about a first kiss in detail: 70 percent of the  women wrote about the falling snow and kissing under the street lights, while the men talk about kissing in an  alley. Why such a similarity? What the young people saw over the years  in ads, movies, dramas, and  musicals is what comes to mind. Our young people  have seen much more than kissing. 

Big business has made use of mass media to spread this sexual ideology far and wide. The sexual craving needs to be satisfied. Love has to be satisfied by sex. When the lover is absent than a 'one night stand' is acceptable. The popular culture has made this a common feature and habit in life. We see it in drama, movies, talk shows, in dating. Violence is inflicted on those who do not buy into this modern ideological sex culture. Those who do not want to join in are ridiculed and considered sick.

Sexual ideology's biggest evil  is dealing a big blow to the culture of life. Sex and pleasure without the possibility of life becomes normal. The writer wants to ask those who are spreading this ideology  how many times pregnant, how many abortions, how many partners, how many encounters and separations?  Does this life bring happiness? Common sense gives an  obvious answer, and why do we fail to make it known?

Using the words of Lincoln : You can fool all the people some of the time,  some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. In conclusion he uses  God's words speaking to the Israelites when they entered a new land and are tempted by their Gods and their way of life. "I am your God now  that you are in the land of pleasure don't follow your craven desires and follow after what you see." Don't lose your way in this land but  follow the way of chastity.  The young people of today  have to follow the way of the martyrs.This is the cross that will help heal the world.