Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SINE (Systematic Integral New Evangelization)

Efforts to give life to the small Christian communities in the parish have been part of the on-going work of the Church for many years. Korea succeeded with the apostolic movements it has accepted from overseas; the Legion of Mary was one of the first and has been followed by most of the other apostolic movements in the worldwide Church. They have done much to make the church a dynamic growing community, amassing a great deal of good will from the citizens of the country.

The Inchon Diocese has now, after a two year period of preparation, decided to introduce SINE (Systematic Integral New Evangelization) to the diocese and the country. A priest and laywoman from Colombia and a bishop from Argentina, who was born in Korea, are     during the priest retreat, introducing them to the SINE to prepare them to begin the movement within the diocese.

The Peace Weekly gave the movement space on the front page and explains what the diocese hopes the movement will do. 40 of the  80  dioceses in Colombia have accepted the movement and the results have shown that the small parish groups are revitalized, those who have made the program know who they are as Christians, have matured in their faith life, and the clergy have become holier. They have seen the results and recommend the movement.

A small group in each parish, made up of the priests and the team that will be introducing the SINE to the parish, will first experience the process for a year, meeting every week and what they experience is what they will pass on to those who will follow them. The tools and materials used will be determined by the circumstances of each parish community but the objective is a mature, conscientious, holy, mission orientated parish.

Korea has been working with small basic communities for over 20 years and there have been difficulties but the work continues and the SINE, says the director of the pastoral work in the diocese, envisions  the movement as a  complement to what is going on within the diocese, and a way to satisfy the thirst that many have for a fuller spiritual life.

One of the weaknesses that is often pointed out by those who have studied our parish life, is that many have made their faith life an individual and private relationship with Jesus, and the communities' influence on our life is not prominent.This should help the communities realize how important our personal maturity, our religious maturity, and the interaction with members of the community is for the mission of the Church and the Christian.

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