Monday, February 9, 2015

Efforts to Communicate

A priest with the responsibility for pastoral work in  places of labor says Mass in different groups once a month. In time, he realized this pastoral work would allow some flowers to bloom and gradually make a bouquet and even a flower garden. He writes about one of the incidents in Bible & Life. 

In the workplace groups you have two types who attend the Masses: workers who want to be there, and  those who are there because their work bosses thought it was a good idea.    

He  brings to the attention of his readers a man from this second group. He met him for the first time  waiting in an area where those preparing to receive the sacrament of reconciliation were seated. His facial expression was one of displeasure, and he told the priest: "I don't want to go to confession." 

 "Well let us talk about it." The man after a long period of silence and  a deep sigh  said he hadn't  been to church for some time, and presently, he has no desire to return. His section boss learned about his baptism  and that is why he came.

After a short period he go up and went to the place for the Mass. The other fellow believers went to communion but he did not, and during the Mass he showed on his face that he did not like being where he was. At the end of Mass the priest expressed his desire they  all find hope in the work place. The man was seen by the priest writing something on a piece of paper.

On the way to the meal the man came up beside him and gave him a slip of paper. After a distracted meal the priest headed for the subway and  took out the slip of paper on which was written: "The work place is a war zone."

He wouldn't be going back to that work place for a month and  prepared an answer on a similar slip of paper:  "Even in a battle zone flowers can grow." They continued to communicate with these written messages on slips of paper.

"Flowers don't put an end to war. " 
 "Those who see the  flower will not be fighting."
"One person who stops and looks at the flower is not sufficient." 

This last message got the priest thinking. After receiving the slip of paper and seeing the man leave, was like seeing his father and made him sad. 

He ran after the man and asked if they could go for a cup of coffee. They talked for sometime on many topics. He as a young man was active in the church and even after beginning  to work, but he became frustrated and  faced many difficulties and did not feel the warmth of God's presence any more.... Tears began to form in his eyes when he received a telephone call from his work boss.  Waiting for him  to return the priest  was wondering how to answer his last complaint.

Shaking his hand as they separated the priest said:  "The ones looking at the flower are two, you and I , so that is reason for you to have hope, isn't it?"

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