Monday, March 16, 2015

A Level Playing Field for All

Anger is one thing and violence that follows from anger is quite another; in our present society we see the results of anger increasing. Catholic Times has an article on  anger in society, and  begins with a number of the recent incidents where anger was not controlled: resulting in murders, injuries and serious violence.

One report said the number of those seeking help at hospitals for anger disorders continues to increase. The difficulty that Koreans have admitting a problem in this area, says the columnist, indicates the  numbers are much larger. Social problems  from this uncontrollable anger syndrome accounts for 40 percent of the crimes of violence.  Last year  over 366,527 crimes of violence, 152,249  were from fits of anger.  

What is the reason for this  uncontrollable anger? Authorities  say much of it comes from the self-centered environment that we have. Society puts great value in satisfying our personal desires, and when obstacles are in the way, anger appears. Our society is a very competitive, and ways of relieving  anger are not easily found.                                                                                                                           
This is not a sufficient reason for the situation,  however. In the family  we see the development of this anger, not solved, it extends out to  society. A professor is quoted in the article: all are somewhat angry in our society. Those in the 20s and 30s face unemployment, and are not happy with the way structures are managed. The generation of the  40s and 50s are fearful of losing their jobs, and fear the unknown retirement, and those in their 60s and 70s are not appreciated. 

Last year we had the Sewol tragedy-- the reason for  anger of most of our citizens for something that need not have happened. We had the International Monetary Fund crisis in 1997, that left Korea with a restructuring process that is still felt.

There are also those who find the polarization of society and the income disparity a reason for the anger. A situation that many feel is not possible to overcome no matter what they do: the haves and have-nots of society and the stratification of the situation.

What can be done with the present situation?  Realization that anger is a part of daily life and find ways to reduce, prevent and cope with the stress that one experiences in life. Find a hobby, asking others for help in managing the anger, and if necessary to  go to a doctor for help. Families should be helpful in the process, and efforts in schools and families in character building. 

When society has problems that are not resolved, efforts are necessary  to make for a just and fair society. Extreme interest in results and  the competition in society has to be faced with the realization what this is doing to society. This can be  examined with principles and theories but continual efforts are necessary to prepare a level playing field for all the citizens.

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