Monday, May 11, 2015

'Live Like We Should'

We all have rights as human beings.  Christians believe we have been made in the image of God and we have to respect this in dealing with our brothers and sisters. Article 10 of the Korean Constitution: 'All citizens are assured of human worth and dignity and have the right to pursue happiness.  It is the duty of the State to confirm and guarantee the fundamental and inviolable human rights of individuals'.

The Peace Weekly columnist in his  examination of current affairs asks the readers what is necessary to respect this dignity of life. He mentions many of the problems in society, the corruption and the absurdity of much that we see. This is true of  all the parties within the government,  big business, and  throughout much of society.  Peace is the fruit of justice and without justice we will have chaos.  

In Korea, seven religious groups have come together to begin a movement to 'live like we  should': like human beings, like religious people, like government officials, like workers, like fathers, like mothers and so forth. Since over 50 percent of the citizens have a religious affiliation this would make a difference in society. 

A university professor in his talk on the movement  said the principles behind a new civilization for the 21st century will have a connection with the social teaching of the Church. He feels we have to move from the ontological (from my existence) to the relational. 

In Europe modernity was  advanced with the  emphasis on the individual, the group or nation, and its strengthening and increase;  in Asia the classical approach was the relational connection with others. This paradigm fights against the cut throat competition, and win and lose philosophy of capitalism, and works for a just society without sacrificing the weak. 

Doing what we are called to by our duties in society faithfully, is the intention of the movement to 'live like we should'. The columnist hopes the movement will spread and influence society. Religious people should have a special option for the poor and weak in society. After the visit of Pope Francis he hopes the motive force of the movement to 'live like we should', will influence our society with the relational bond we have with one another.          

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