Thursday, June 11, 2015

Need for Change in Family Life

"Do you know the reason why young couples are  reluctant to have children?"  "Not Like their parents, they are not confident in taking on the sacrifice required, and weren't especially happy as a child."  

We have the lowest birthrate in the world. Something has to be  done: reeducation, change in thinking, and change in society. These were some of the thoughts that came out of a seminar on family and media, sponsored by the Korean bishops. An article in the Peace Weekly gives us a brief account of the contents of the seminar.

One speaker said that half of the high school girls  have no thought about marriage, and children. Word  circulates that college girls will discuss family planning with their neighbors, not something we can easily laugh about. What is meant is they want to know how much money it will cost to have a child?  Parents need to show how important life is, and raise the children to find happiness, and we will see a change in the birthrate.

Children do not consider the grandparents as part of the family, and this is easy to see. Increase in longevity will see  four and five generations living together, and  require healthy mature parents to help educate  children for this reality. 

One of the  presenters, a commentator on our  popular culture,  shows the readers  how difficult it is to see a healthy adult life portrayed in TV dramas. Usually one out of  three dramas has a secret with a birth of a child, these embarrassing details makes  the life of the child difficult. We don't have dramas in which the tired, exhausted young people  show trust, and follow with  expectation  the example of the adults. 

She does  give an example of some programs that give a positive understanding of the lives of the elderly and she mentions how the drama received a popular response from all the viewers across all the  generations. She makes a plea for more of this type of drama which will bring change to the thinking of the viewers. 

Another presenter showed the importance of dialogue in the family. The professor talked about communication within the family, and the results from it. Communication allows for intimacy, self respect, and  raises the satisfaction of family life. This becomes the motivating force  for a healthy family life: listening, encouragement, reminisces-- basic elements of communication. He concludes his remarks hoping the many different kinds of families will begin using this kind of communication.   

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