Monday, July 6, 2015

Gambling in Off-track Betting Rooms

Gambling is a strong addiction, deadly, and the cause of family ruin. Since it is harmful to society the country has made it a crime. Gambling, habitual gambling is penalized and the largest penalties are for those that build places for gambling. Human rights group director in a Peace Weekly column writes about the issue.

The way the country looks on gambling is not consistent. When a civilian is involved we have punishment when the country provides the space for gambling we justify it. Race tracks are managed by the Korean Horse Affairs Association and are helpful in the welfare programs of the country and contribute to the use of leisure. Three race tracks exist in the country and for those who are addicted it may be a long  distance to the track so they have off-track video betting rooms. A newly-opened off-track horse racing betting center in Yongsan, which is very close to many schools in a residential district of Yongsan, is receiving a lot of opposition. Off-track betting centers are called 'Let's Run' and there are many throughout the country.

According to  government statistics of 2010 we have over two and half million civilians addicted to gambling and the government is inciting them to continue with these betting rooms. As long as it is a money making enterprise, and since the money is for welfare, the decision to discontinue is a dilemma for some. 

Yongsan video horse racing gaming room has been opposed by the residents and many others for over two years-- public opposition is great. Sacred Heart Middle and High School are very close to the video gaming room but the Korean Horse Affairs Association is playing dumb, using wise tactics, and helped with people in high places opened the gaming room. The Sacred Heart Sisters are also very much in the  battle. The reason it has continued so long, seeing the hopelessness of the fight, is because of the sisters. It is like throwing eggs at a stone, the eggs get smashed and the stone remains unmoved but they continue.

In the beginning it was the school and the surrounding environment that motivated the sisters  but this has changed. Now not only the children but for those who will be  going to the gaming rooms to gamble.

The columnist praises the sisters for being real teachers, and willing to give themselves for a cause that has the need of persons to stand up for the common good, even if it seems like a hopeless effort.

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