Friday, July 10, 2015

Unification of Korea

Korea's division into South and North has many intellectuals and authorities on the situation giving their opinions. An article in the Kyeongyang magazine by a student of the subject and a university professor gives us his ideas.

Right from the start he tells us of the difficulties of being objective because of the restrictions that we face in society. North Korea can be seen as a devil and should not be in the world order, this will influence the way the subject is approached. The other position wants reconciliation, cooperation and co-existence.

When Kim Il-sung died in 1994 and Kim Jong-il replaced him almost all the authorities said he wouldn't last  3 years. This opinion was a heart-felt desire, a subjective wish that overcame their thinking, which sadly is a self portrait of ourself and a good example of our inability to understand the North. Also the danger of wanting to white wash all that the North does, and not seeing the situation objectively, and taking everything we hear at face value is also not the way to go.

Many authorities have  varied opinions on the  situation in the North with Kim Jong-un. Recently we heard news of  purges of leaders in the government and the appearance of government by fear. Machiavelli is quoted as saying the prince rules the easiest when the citizens are in fear. But when the fear turns to hate problems arise which requires that the prince offset this fear with love and blessings.

The professor sees many different possible scenarios for the future relationship. And would like to see the kind of unification that happened in Germany without any blood being spilled  He wants a policy of engagement. The lack of a united position in the South is a great obstacle to the unification of the country. Many are the citizens who do not want the unification. We need to work for this unification among the citizens of the South, that will facilitate the unification of the country.

We need to do all possible to overcome the hostility and  confrontation between the North and South, It shouldn't matter whether the government of Kim Jong-un is stable or unstable, we have to prepare ourselves for reconciliation and cooperation, dialogue,  engagement and coexistence. And work for the realization of this dream.

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