Friday, October 9, 2015

Synod On Marriage Oct. 4-26

Both Catholic papers have given the synod of bishops, from Oct 4-26, a great deal of space. The vocation and mission of the family in the Church and in the contemporary world is the theme. In writing about the synod, as with any writing, we have to be sensitive to the words used, for each word chosen means the writer made a judgement, which may betray his own blindness and prejudice on the topic addressed. The phrase, he who translates betrays, may be true in many cases both deliberately and unintentionally. This is also true in Korea.

The reporting has been good in most cases. In preparation, the bishops' committee on the family and canonical affairs sponsored a seminar on the divorced and remarried. A report on the seminar on the bishops' web site mentions that  one participant said we had no official statistics for the number of the divorced and remarried persons among Catholics. The number is calculated by the statistics in Korea. People suppose that the life of non-Catholics and Catholics cannot be much different. Hopefully, this will be remedied in the future.

One editorial mentions how the world press is interested in seeing whether communion will be allowed for the divorced and remarried, acceptance of abortion and homosexuality.  However, the interest of the synod is how to bring families the mercy of the Church giving them hope in the difficulties they face. We have the heightened appreciation of a person's dignity, decrease in marriages, the increase of separation and divorce, the separation of sex and procreation, and the impact that finances have on the family.

In society, we have the separation of life, and the teachings of religion. Words used do not find a receptive audience. The mission and vocation of Christian families are not easily understood. Families have been scarred and to recover will require on the part of the members, trust, mercy and hope.

Church proclaims  truth that is unchangeable but also at the same time speaks of mercy and love. Families are confronted with confused realities, influencing them mentally and materially, sometimes  sympathetically and negatively. The synod was called to accompany those who are having difficulties and to find ways to help.

The Church is like a field hospital and wants to heal the wounds inflicted. She wants to offer a variety of pastoral  remedies. Both papers asked the readers for prayers.

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