Friday, November 6, 2015

Living Like We Should

Renewal, reformation, being what we are called to be is an ever present desire on the part of many. Seven religious groups Buddhist, Protestants, Catholics and others began the movement for the members to live according to their own groups' teachings: like human beings, like religious people, like government officials, like workers, like fathers, like mothers and so forth.

Doing what we are called  to do by our duties in society, giving an example to society with the hope society will follow. Since over half of the Koreans have a religious affiliation this would make a difference in society. The movement was written  up in the Catholic papers and also in the secular press mentioning a diocese that in a general meeting, 461 priests promised to carry out the proposal, the first group of priests in the country to do so.

*They have  promised to be faithful to their duties as priests.

*To be evangelizers to the best of their ability and live by the Gospel.

* Read the breviary devoutly and be an example of a prayerful life.

* Serve God's people.

*Will work for the unity and fraternal love among the priests of the diocese.

They have promised this in the presence of their communities.

They have also decided to help with a gift of about 1,000 dollars for all the families with a third child, and for any third child 1,000 dollars for high school, and if accepted for college, another 2,000 dollars.

In surveys made to determine the first need for renewal within the church, the answer in first place was  priests' authoritarianism and clericalism. The response of the diocesan priests is an understanding of this reality and an effort to bring about a change. It was a surprise to many to see the response of the diocese  to the movement 'to live like we should'.

Dec. 8th begins the Year of Mercy and the diocese has decided to set up a permanent place for confessions, and next year in May, they will have a day for all all couples with a renewal of the marriage vows.The response of the diocese has already moved another diocese to follow their example  next year.

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