Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Changing to Live Like we Should

Koreans enjoy using aphorism, and Catholics using what we  called spiritual nosegays. They were like a bouquet of flowers that we could take out when needed  to overcome other odors that were harmful or at least distracting us from what was important.

Articles in both Catholic papers, mentioned a movement among the different religious groups in Korea to live what we believe: living according to our identity. One writer  quotes Pope Francis in his talk to the Asian Bishops while here in Korea. "If we are to speak freely, openly and fruitfully with others, we must be clear about who we are, what God has done for us, and what he asks of us."

Identity is a difficult word, the representative of the 7 different religious groups did decided in the common campaign to live what we believe: like a mother, like a human, like a citizen, like a Catholic, like a worker, like a believer.  A consensus among the different religious groups in a  campaign to work together is itself of great import.

The declaration of the campaign listed: to look first  for the  reasons for our problems in ourselves, to understand correctly  what we do, and  act accordingly. See our mission directly, and  make it our starting point; pledge to act in the family, in the church and in society like a member of that community should.

Not an easy thing to do. We have to understand who we are and realize how precious we are and live in the way we know we should. Cardinal Kim who was the  ordinary of Seoul is quoted as  saying:  " It  took him a life time to have what his head knew descend to his heart." The effort will be that of a martyr.

Each religious group will have different resolutions that they will explore and carry out according to their beliefs. The hope within the Church is that it will spread to all the dioceses in the country. 

The pastoral head of the  Seoul Parish Council reminds us of the sinking of the Sewol and how easy it is to have all our problems sink like the ferry into the unknown. In order to change the lack of trust in society we need to live according to the  will of God, which is living what we believe.