Friday, January 1, 2016

Change the World

Both Catholic papers wish the readers a happy and mercy filled New Year, and a reminder the sun will rise again tomorrow. 'View from the Ark columnist,' a college journalism professor,  begins his column with the words of Ephesians 5:16: "Make good use of every opportunity you have, because these are evil days."

He mentions a number of young people who face an unknown future. One graduate  student in his journalism class, started to cry, talking about the future and lack of job opportunities. Many students have finished their college and dreaming of a place in journalism. Now in their late twenties and early thirties, in graduate school, and having difficulties finding a place in society. He mentions many students are struggling and expressing  this frustration to teachers; not easy to do. He feels the pain, hearing their plight.

Many are the students working part-time to earn their tuition at low-paying jobs. Mass media uses the word  'Sampo'  generation: compelled to give up romance, marriage and children.  'Sam' is the word for three and 'Po' give up. This give-up-generation now adds four more things they have to give up:  home owning, social life, and recently added  was dreams and hopes.

He wants students who come  for counseling to hold their head up high, look up at the sky, know what they want in life, and go for it. When he tells the students to look up at the sky, what he is saying is  keep their ideals, become the journalist they desire to be, and work to make persons the center of their mission. He recommends they take a trip, look over their lives, confirm their mission and when they return view the  full marathon course, and be determined to begin.

Each New Year symbolizes  a new beginning with resolves and  dreams. Young people are the future. They need to dream, when they fail they need another opportunity. He mentions the movie 'Gone With the Wind,'  at the last scene of the movie the heroine Scarlett tired, broken and depressed returns home and says: "Tomorrow the sun will shine again."

Even when all looks black, we still have to go on living. We have to fight against anger and hate and begin the new year with hope, and use the time given us well.  We live in our place in history. Young people should look beyond the present reality to a new horizon with renewed strength. He finishes the column with a cry of encouragement: Keep on dreaming, stand up and change the world. Happy New Year!

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