Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Unwed Mothers and Korean Society

In many of our TV dramas, unwed mothers are often portrayed, no longer a hushed-up social  situation. We even  have those in their teens, little moms: they show the women not accepted in society. Rare is what we consider the career woman who chooses to have a baby.

Many have difficulty with poverty, overcome their mother's love, find the right man and happiness. Often unmarried mothers are the scapegoat and the place of immorality, which excites and increases the number of viewers. Some dramas give a good portrayal of the thinking of unwed mothers and the way society looks upon them.

An unwed mother who is fired by a company will have little help from the law which maintains that children are born after marriage, and this order needs not be broken. Mothers are often left the task to raise the child.

Hesitatingly she speaks: "I am pregnant."

"Let's go to the hospital. What will it cost? It's my child, right?" These are the words the man often blurts out.
With difficulty, an unplanned pregnancy is overcome without an abortion, and a choice to raise the child is made. After this choice, however, there are other problems that have to be faced. How  is she going to live, raise her child and do the household chores?

The chaotic moral situation in society, difficulty to find work, bias of society for the women and not for the man, is a great obstacle.
Women's biggest problem is the irresponsible behavior of the man. If they want to keep the child, they have to avoid the  forced abortion the man and family desire. Occasions are common, where the connection with the man's family is broken, or where the girl will have the child, and the family will give some money. It is estimated that there are over 5,000 unwed mothers recorded yearly, but the article believes it is over 6,000 when you include the mothers who don't report the birth.

In many of the developed countries the man once it is proven he is father has to pay child support. In Canada when the  man is derelict in his duty, his car license and passport are taken away.  

In and outside  the church,  we hear about the need to prevent the unmarried mother's problem with education. When it is not prevented there is a need to understand the situation and help in the care of the child and avoid the abortion. Many other groups and society are working together to increase the help, but it is still too little.

The number of unwed mothers continues to increase, and they are getting younger, which means efforts have to be made to strengthen the family bond and the need for society to be concerned.

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