Monday, March 14, 2016

Words Of Cardinal Stephen Kim

A bulletin for priests this month, recalled some of the words of the late Cardinal Stephen Kim found in his writings.

Let us live without fretting by sharing.

By discarding and emptying there is the filling: sharing is the way to go.

No hating or holding a grudge against someone.

No anger, the one who gets angry hurts oneself.

The angry kill themselves and others, no one will approach them, and they will be lonely and friendless.

Prayer removes rust, and is like a streak of light that enters an age-old  cave. Rather than clenching one's fist those that fold their hands in prayer are stronger.

One who has much and the one with little can both be happy in the world in which we live.

A wealthy person with material goods has the burden of worries. One with a wealthy internal life is loaded with happiness.

When we die, we only bring our virtues and the bliss we have spread.

The days we have to love are limited and so also the days to give thanks.

Let us not grieve over the amount of time we have in life.

When we discard and are empty, we are filled.

Let us live with hearts full of love and thanksgiving.

Let us make a practice of learning to laugh. Laughter is  a preventive and cure for many diseases. It makes the older joyful, and we become children again.

Real love understands, welcomes, embraces, assimilates, is intimate and humble in conversation.

It took me 60 years to have love move from the  head to the heart.

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