Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Why Hell Jeoson?

The Catholic Times featured on the front page of the recent issue an article under the caption: Leave class-consciousness and expand social consensus. Often heard are the phrases: 'Hell Jeoson' and 'gold and earth spoons'. A reference by the young people that what they received from their parents at birth, no matter what, will be what they will have at the end of life, which makes life similar to the  feudal days of the Jeoson dynasty. (1392-1910)

Two forums were conducted; one had as a topic: How do we overcome the golden and earth spoon thinking? (Born with a silver spoon in mouth) And the other forum considered:  How do we see the culture of the young people with this 'Hell Jeoson' phenomenon? Expectations for the forum were to seek solutions in facing the issue, for it also makes its appearance within the community of faith.

Addiction to study makes Korea hell for many. At one time the prevalent thinking was education at the best of schools will guarantee a good job and life. This is the thinking of the 486 generation the parents of the young ( refers to those in the 40s who entered the university in the  80s and were born in the 60s).
Young people no longer see study as the way to success but rather frustration, failure and scorn.  

One of the  participants in the forum, mentioned how the sensibilities of the young are different from other generations, because of the digital culture. They are immature in their social relations; problems of life are missing in their education. However, he does thank the parents for raising children who are steady and reliable.

They agree that education should not be to raise one's position in society or make money but to solve problems of life. Church should emphasize non-market values and work for the common good where we give without desire of a return.

Another participant stressed: the gap between the rich and poor is not only a question of economics but affects our democracy and the whole of society. Problems are many and will not disappear as they get older. The job market is not good, finding a decent place to live, retirement and the like remain social problems, and require interest among the young in finding solutions.

Church needs to show there is another way of conducting our affairs in society. We want to bring God's kingdom on this earth with our common concerns; with our belief and with our mutual giving and receiving in a non-market way of living. This is  the beginning in solving the problems we face.

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