Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Anti-Corruption Movement

The Anti-Corruption and Bribery Prohibition Act  also called the  Kim Young-ran Act went into effect on Sept. 28, and  will  bring  great changes to the culture. A religious sister writing in the Catholic Times introduces the law to the readers and what we can expect.

Kim Young-ran, the former chairwoman of the Anti-Corruption Civil Rights Commission started working on the eradication of corruption in Korea from 2002 and proposed a law in 2011 which after much conflict, five years later finally is the  law of the land.

The  object of the law is the correct understanding of  conscience in society. This applies to all public servants: government officials, judges, prosecutors, teacher, police, journalists... Any solicitations or taking of bribes in return for favors are banned.

The writer expresses her belief that the tacit understanding that was part of the citizens' consciousness has now been made clear with this law, a big step. Consequently, the success or failure of the results will rest with the citizens.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a club of the world’s most developed economies, in 2015  reported that Korea was 27th out of 34 members in its sensitivity to corruption. Denmark had the highest rating for sensitivity. The sister hopes with water on top becoming clean the water below will  also become clean.

Sister mentions how she has already heard the many expedients that are being planned to get around the law. Restaurants, and the giving of presents and entertainment has helped to prosper many in society, also the  live stock industry will face serious problems is a worry of many. Money as long as it circulates is good: 'If one want to go to Seoul, it matters little how one gets there', is a prevalent way of thinking.

Now is the time to begin gathering in the bubbles that are afloat and to purify the muddy water in the  network and replace it with clean running water.  The prosperity of the country that is tied to blood relationships, friends, and schools has to give way.

We have had many scandals in recent years that have depressed many in society and many are looking for solutions to the problems. We have a lack of material resources but a plentiful number of qualified citizens that we need to utilize. That will allow us to live in peace and be freed from the tiredness that infects society.

Over 50 % of the society are either Christian or Buddhists which means we can make a difference in society. Christians are the largest number in society; we have a lot to be sorry for and a need to ask for forgiveness, and hope to be tools in the hands of God.