Thursday, February 16, 2017

Automation and the Future

World Future Society was the topic of an article in the Kyeongyang magazine by an educator with experience as a teacher and counselor. She lists the occupations that may not be existent in 2050 according to the World Future Society.

Classrooms and teachers will give way to supercomputers and smart systems. On-line programs will be available to all. 80% of the present occupations will disappear with the appearance of robots. Languages will disappear. We have over 6,000 languages at present.The expertise of translating will be so advanced that there will be no need to learn a language and the three languages with the greatest number of speakers will be the important languages.

The number of doctors will decrease with the use of technology that will allow examination from a distance. Paper will decrease with the appearance of eBooks. With the availability of technology like Google Glass, we will be communicating with the computer in a hands-free format.

She mentions students knowledge of English has improved greatly. Thanks to on-line Google's translation programs and correspondence with international friends met on Social Media, students have no fear in communicating with friends in different cultures or fearful of traveling overseas.

She mentions students have a wide variety of possible occupations they aspire to, while parents are limited to the ones they see as safe and lucrative and make for an easy life.

However, many of these professions will not continue to have the numbers as in the past. More important is how will I wish to live in the future. Some of those who have studied the situation see occupations demanding sensitivity and emotional maturity continuing to exist. Artists, therapists, and counselors will be around.

How do parents prepare their children for this new age? Students need to prepare to do what they want to do and not what the parents would like. Success and money are not what the goal should be.

There have been countries that have experimented with guaranteed income for those who will not find   jobs. In 2016 the Swiss turned down by vote a monthly salary of $2,555  for every adult but that will probably be the direction society will be headed.

The writer concludes the future is not to determine the kind of occupation according to income. The future will be automated and the need is to find happiness and to follow one's dreams: searching for what will satisfy. She concludes her article by asking parents are they preparing their children for non-existent occupations? 

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