Saturday, March 18, 2017

Harmony Between Speed and Slowness

Harmony between speed and slowness is the topic of an article in the Catholic Times by a seminary rector. Korean society is conscious of the attraction they have for speed. The old Latin axiom 'Festina Lente' (Make haste slowly) is not admired by society. Many are the articles that we see on the subject not only in the Catholic press.

He tells his readers that speed is part of their DNA. Overnight we see changes. A street traveled and familiar, in a month's time it's difficult to find. One enterprise that does not fail is the home delivery service. We want our deliveries to get there quickly.

He mentions when he goes overseas how frustrated he is with the pace of society. Internet news is slow, the lines at the banks are slow. Even presently as he writes he is conscious of the speed of his writing. He's Korean after all.

One can't say that speed is necessarily good or bad for both have their place in our lives. Korea is a leader in both the information technology and in mobile services showing the value of speed but we also see the mistakes and damage done with a desire for speed and taking shortcuts both in one's personal world and in business.

Korea became a financial world leader in a short period of time but this was not done without cost. Workers were sacrificed and we had many unreliable results of work. You can get drunk quickly on a boilermaker with 'one shot', however, what about health and family? The answer doesn't come easily. We can get to a destination in a car quickly but at the risk of life. Why have we been so enamored with speed?

Speed fits the world of sports. It is not something we need in our daily lives. No reason to have qualms of conscience on the matter. Improvisation and adaptability are all good but that is not all of life. In the classroom, he has to correct the students at times for cheating for they are missing the opportunity to learn and to memorize.

The social community is formed by certain essential steps. This, however, leaves us with a feeling of something missing. We need to follow the path of virtue. It's not a first class society or a top notch society but a grace-filled society that we desire: where no one feels left out, everyone a neighbor. Necessary is the personality change of those who only think of themselves. They need to be formed to have concern for others. All the rest will fall into place.

We don't want to praise slowness unconditionally. When there is no need for slowness, slowness for its own sake when others are involved is not a virtuous act. When we have harmony and togetherness the problems faced will be solved. Speed and dependability working together will have good results. Nimbleness and prudence working together will always bring a better solution.

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