Friday, April 7, 2017

Conditions for Reconciliation and Unity

With the impeachment and incarceration of the president, we have a division among the citizens on the righteousness of what has transpired in Korea. The religious segment of society wants to see the issue resolved amicably. Politicians are looking forward to the elections and want to see the uniting of citizens.This is a serious issue in the country.

Persons involved in the scandal do not accept any blame for the situation and those who sympathize with them do not accept the results of the court.The majority of the citizens have shown approval for the court decision.

The road to reconciliation and unity is not easy. Politicians are concerned on how to gain control of power. Leaders in society are unconscious of the structural evil in society. Choi-gate which brought about the impeachment of the president was self-interest, collusion with big business and lack of concern for the rights and welfare of the citizens.

In View from the Ark column of the Catholic Times a Catholic Medical School professor gives us his ways to work towards unity and reconciliation.

First of all, we have to acknowledge our own involvement little as it may be. He quotes a philosopher who says that when we live without thinking, evil will always be close by. We often surrender to authority and look for security. In our busy life, the easiest thing is to follow the flow. When everything falls apart it's too late to do anything. We have to acknowledge our involvement.

The second step is how am I to accept the other person's understanding of the situation. Our political behavior, is formed for the  most part by our experiences in society, habits, and consequently not done alone. The way we act follows a  person's convictions, values and patterns of thought. Even at times we hear a cry asking for understanding.

We need  to not only return to understanding and  dialogue but to understand the place of emotions.  When my position is not pushed as absolute we have the possibility of welcoming the other's idea.There is no complete theoretical system or methodology. We are just making the best choice now. We have to make clear that we are both looking forward to what is best for society and we need to do this together.

Our third step is to forgive each other. We need to be able to forgive ourselves if we are to forgive others. Even if the other is not able to receive the forgiveness we should be ready to give it, and wait for the time it will be received. Forgiveness doesn't  need a condition. It is a sign of our love. This becomes the motivation for all we do.

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