Saturday, April 15, 2017

Resurrected Life

Spring is always the endurance of winter and the flowering of the Resurrection. Life is the overcoming of adversity, reminding us of the Resurrection. Winter quickly disappeared and we have the fragrance of the spring flowers, preparing for the feast of the Resurrection.

Spring is heaven on earth. Flowers blending with all the other flowers give us great beauty and so it is with life that harmonizes with all of nature. No one is without problems yet in the spring regardless of age or sex we are bathed in the warmth of the sun and ready to bloom like the flowers.

These are the words of a poet writing in his column for the Catholic Peace Weekly. Life is in reality, a daily living of the Resurrection. Time quickly passes for all, each new day is a new beginning. Jesus is the key to the joy in our hearts. What blessedness it would be if our whole life would be like a day filled with Resurrection. Grace makes all life springlike. Grace  makes all the adversity bearable, and gives joy and motivates us to a life of obedience.

If Resurrection is life after death then facing death and overcoming it is a resurrection. Those with this experience know what resurrection means to them. He mentions in his own life when young he worked as a construction worker and fell four floors onto a tile foundation, nearly dying. He could have died but lived. He could have been paralyzed but he walked out of the hospital without difficulty.

He was baptized while in the hospital on Easter Sunday. There is no need, he says, to relate all the problems he had, only that he escaped death and was born again. He experienced great joy in the return to life.

From that moment forward he looked at life differently. It was no longer only one world but two worlds: no longer fearful of death. He saw everything thru the lens of a resurrected life. He was thankful for life and poetry began to gush out of him. Living the resurrected life he was filled with hope, courage, and joy, he was experiencing the joy of the resurrection.

"Joy of heaven comes from the heart of a child/ The true meaning of life/ Deeper are the words that come from the poet's pen/ Certain expression were impossible to make/ The heart of a child is a poet's heart/ // Exaggerated metaphors give light/  Words of God hidden in the heart of a poet// I see the mystery of the heavens meeting the earth/ The combining of a child's and a poet's heart/ With the fragrance of heart and soul/ The presence of the gracious God/"

It is a great grace to experience the resurrection while living. He has trust in God's grace that no matter what adversity will come, it will be a poem. God's love has been made clear in the Resurrection and has made this poet's journey one of love.

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