Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Concern for Creation

Summer is the time for the hot weather and we see a warming that is not natural and a cause of concern for the majority of scientists who have studied the issue. Although some do not see a man-made problem, the majority of the scientists believe we are responsible for what is happening, we are the problem. Since decisions necessary from this conclusion are going to disrupt the way we live, we have hesitation and denial.

A professor at the Catholic University, who is working in the field of environment, writes in a diocesan bulletin to convince the readers of this serious concern. He wonders in his own mind if this is not the most serious issue that humanity needs to face at this time.

In the last hundred years the continual use of fossil fuels and the release of the greenhouse gases into the atmosphere have formed a greenhouse which in the past was not a problem but the greenhouse that is formed now radiates the heat back to the earth instead of allowing the gases to enter space, accounting for the warming and the erratic weather.

In the past millions of years, plants and the oceans were able to absorb the gases. It was the natural make up of the world given to us by the creator. We humans with an insatiable greed for more energy have broken down the equilibrium that was present.

This makes living with air-conditioners a choice of many. The Han River no longer freezes over in the winter. Polar ice caps melting has raised the level of the ocean and he recalls a trip to Jejudo and walking along a path which is now covered with ocean water and no longer in use.

He often reflects on the words of Genesis. Seven times:  "God saw that it was good." Would God say that today seeing the condition creation is in? He concludes that this is not a problem for a few but of all. As Christians, we should realize that the conservation of energy is a need for all, otherwise it will come back to haunt us.

We need to realize that taking care of the beautiful creation is showing concern for ourselves and our posterity. It is an important offering we can make to God for his gift of creation.

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