Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mothers Have to Change for Society to Change

The Korean Bishops' subcommittee on women's issues recently in their regular yearly seminar used a different approach than in the past. They decisively jettison the old system in which a talk and authorities in their field would discuss the topic and the participant would listen. Both Catholic papers and editorial brought the meeting to the attention of the readers.

This time they used the principles of the Open Space Technology to conduct their meeting. The idea is attributed to Harrison Owen an American who gathered the many ideas on meetings to form this new technology of coming to a decision. The participants freely expressed their opinion, they selected what they wanted to talk about and determined how they wanted to make the decisions.

They became active participants from the beginning to the end. This was a strange method compared to what they were accustomed to from the past. 

As the meeting progressed they began to find a vitality present. Under the big heading of the  meaning and role in the call to the feminine they considered: * motherhood and the feminine * recruiting of women experts * religious education in the family * child care within the Church * care for the women who are marginalized * relationship within the community of faith these and four more  the participants selected.

Participants came from different dioceses and parishes, all workers within the community of faith. They were all convinced of a need to change the way of doing things; agreed the change had to begin with themselves. A change from a passive to active participation in the life of the Church. A  change was also needed  in the system.

60 members attended and were convinced that they had to change if society was going to change. The bishop who is the committee chairman said that hearing the women talk, he had a need to change. Women have a great deal to do within the Church. Since the women's role and position in society has changed this has to change also in the Church. The women have a role also to make in the society and the Church needs to support them in this role.

The topics discussed at the seminar will continue to be  matter for study and development.

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