Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Equality of the Sexes Misunderstood

The voices shouting for equality are abundant, equality of men and women is at its height and when it comes to drinking alcoholic beverages there is no exception. Compared to the past we have an atmosphere that encourages women to drink more than ever before. Women appear in advertising frequently with mild soju (Korean vodka) suggesting that drinking is not the exclusive right of men. Women have become marketing targets for the alcohol industry says an alcoholic medical center chief in an article in the Catholic Times. 

Alcohol does not treat men and women both equally.  When women abuse alcohol her health both physical and mental is impaired much quicker than men. Progress to addiction is also noticeably faster. Many are the wives and mothers who fall into this quagmire.

Different than the treatment a man gets: a devoted wife staying by the side of her husband suffering from the husband's drunkenness and violence and helping in the recovery. Society shows little sympathy towards women even when they have made efforts to end their addiction. Prejudice sees their situation as a moral depravity, a loss of a women's status.

One of the most common diseases of women is the disorder from the use of alcohol and it's hard to know why treatment for the sick person is so difficult. She is often ignored and the object of stone-throwing when the suffering is not necessarily her fault.

Nonetheless, if you look closely at those who are treated as alcoholics you realize that miracles are many. You see hopelessness change to hope and see the miracle of healing. It is impressive to see the changes take place.

When treating withdrawal symptoms, taking the right medication, healing the wounds of the mind, one realizes their world deceived them. Desperation brought about by alcohol and the anger directed to others gradually disappears. In the process of recovery, anger towards the family can be sublimated to the comfort and help of each other.

Recently there are hospitals that provide women with specialized treatment and rehabilitation programs. In an open environment, women can be treated with respect and dignity. There are programs for women who find it difficult to return home as well as counseling programs for families.The disease of female alcoholism has been established and the way of recovery exists. The false comfort of alcohol needs to be discarded and genuine healing and spiritual recovery attained.

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