Friday, April 21, 2017

You Only Live Once

New words continue to be coined and used. Korea imports a lot of new words from the west and a columnist  in the Peace Weekly introduces us to the word YOLO, an acronym  used by the young: "You Only Live Once."

The situation being what it is in Korea these days,very similar to other parts of the world, worrying about the future is considered counter productive and the need to find happiness here and now. It can be used as motivation for reckless behavior but also for personal development.

'We only live once so makes the most of it ' vs  "Many little  pickles makes a mickle" (many little things add up to a lot)-- The light even shines in a mouse hole-- The writer asks her readers were do they stand? Do they limit themselves to the happiness of  each day or prepare for the future by accepting the difficulties of the present?

YOLO is popular in Korea and has become the life style of many young people. Last year in September YOLO was added to the Oxford Dictionary as a new word.  Rarely used by the older generation it has great appeal to the young. The way the price of commodities are increasing, young people don't have the dreams of their elders and  easily accept YOLO  thinking. Living for the day with their interests, personal development and present happiness.   

In the Seoul diocese  on April 7th, 500 young people with the Cardinal took time to make the Stations of the Cross for over two hours. The cardinal invited the young people to prepare to walk the pilgrimage road that lays ahead. "You will be facing many unimaginable situations in life but you never should doubt the mercy of God that is always there." And added: "Our Blessed Mother will always be accompanying you on the journey."

YOLO is the word that was in the background and is always there to tempt the young people in a life style not suited for a follower of Jesus. The situation in which they live has taken their dreams away.

No matter the situation one should not give in to anger, frustration and helplessness but a need to have hope and love. When one believes someone is accompanying them on the road that they are taking, they will gain strength.