Friday, May 19, 2017

Sex and Responsibility

'Being alone is wonderful' TV ad for birth control pills. 'If you stay for 5 days you get one extra night' ad for sleeping accommodations. Ads of this type no longer cause amazement for they are merely reflecting our social reality.

We are living in a sexually free society. One entertainer who promised to be chaste before marriage was a big news item since it was so out of the ordinary. An article in the Kyeongyang magazine on education for responsibility in sex, interviews a college professor who started his own research center on love and responsibility. He decided to leave the classroom after noticing that many of his girl students were missing classes because of problems after abortion.

He mentions an incident where some feminists wanted to use the classroom of one of the Catholic colleges for an education program on sex. When the college realized they would be talking about free sex, contraception and abortion rights they were refused. The group had difficulty understanding the refusal for they were trying to decrease the number of abortions.

Where does this thinking come from? Our culture and economics are partially the reason but the mass media's influence is great. According to our authority, the media is a great user of pornography. 90% of our students use smartphones, which spreads a distorted picture of sex.

For the most part, sex education is mainly concerned with preventing birth. This has to move to the making of life and responsibility. When male and female meet sexually, life enters the picture, consequently, the first steps in sex education should be life and responsibility and for this to happen we need a partnership relationship between the sexes.

Movies, drama, musical videos, advertising, our popular culture and the media combine to show the romantic, pleasure-seeking happiness of sex. All have their place but often with the distortion of the true meaning of the sexual embrace, consequently, the need for media literacy. Sex education needs concern for life, responsibility, character building, and discernment.

Why is this a problem? He mentions an example of when the male knows the woman is using birth control pills and doesn't use a condom the woman feels used.  No method is 100 percent. When we have a failure we need responsibility which is not often the case. The younger generation understands that romancing requires the sexual embrace. Our authority would like to see in law, the reality in many countries, that the male be responsible for the child even if he is a minor. He wants this to be the law of the land.