Saturday, March 17, 2018

Decreasing the Numbers of '#MeToo' Incidents.

A member of the bishops' committee for life matters, writes  for the  Catholic Peace Weekly on discernment and responsibility for sexual maturity. This week he tells the readers if we had the right understanding of sex we would not have the large numbers of  '#Me Too' incidents. He begins by mentioning a cartoon in a pornographic magazine where a woman who has been raped asks for an encore. This, he says, is the absurd kind of message spread by these magazines.

The problem is worldwide but Korea is the world leader in Internet connection speed and Wi-Fi is everywhere. 92 percent of the population are internet users. Pornography is illegal but easily accessed. Men see these kinds of videos repeatedly—what are the results?  Women are looking for this kind of violence even though unconsciously. Men can easily commit this kind of crime but what is worse they have no feelings of doing wrong. 'We both enjoyed it what's  wrong?' They are punished but their attitudes are not changed. Women become the plaything of their male friends and go along with the relationship.

10 years ago an interview with elementary school children on Korean news, the reporter was told by a fifth-grade girl student that  'yadong' (video porn) viewing was common among the students and they imitate what they see. Their actions are haughty, abusive and filled with foul language.

The reporter asked the children if they knew what 'yadong' is. Some children answer without hesitation: sexual relations are a fun game and cool. After seeing the sex act some want to do it. One of his older classmates did imitate what he saw. The reporter asks: how old? He was in the sixth grade.

The writer laments, if this was true 10 years ago, it is easy to imagine the situation today. Although illegal, Korea is a country with the easiest access, not permissible in countries where it's illegal; many regulations keep it from becoming part of the culture and easily accessed by children.

Pornography brings in money. Not only for the makers but for all the different operations that are dependent on making money from the game of sex: advertising, motels, contraception industry, the sex education industry and even the medical world.  Those combatting this understanding of sex as a commodity are few.

He goes on to mention the many aberrations that follow upon this thinking. Revenge porn (non-consensual sexual images of someone, distributed without their consent) Dating has lost its meaning and with your date, below the surface is the understanding, the sexual act will follow.

Sex is not a game. When it becomes so, we have  tragedy. Sex needs no rules as long as pregnancy is avoided, responsiblity and morality need not enter. Condoms given free is the thinking of many. The whole world is crying this out. Education and experience should make clear this is the voice of evil. When this is accepted and followed, at first pleasure but at the end comes misery; this is the reason and need for education on the meaning of sex.

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