Thursday, May 24, 2018

Hopefully Korea Will not be Recipient of 'Ig Nobel Peace Prize'

Each year in October, Harvard University hosts the Ig (ignoble) Nobel Prize (parody of the Nobel Prize) a ceremony that began in 1991, also called the Screwball Nobel Prize. An award given that can't be imagined with our ordinary powers of thinking but is an interesting and preposterous discovery such as the one of Professor Alberti Minetti of Italy, who proved that humans could walk on water if only the gravity was reduced by 22%.

One was awarded a prize for studying why woodpeckers have no headaches. A woodpecker pecks a tree at the speed of 25 kilometers per hour and twenty times per second and the honor went to the awardee for revealing that a thick sponge-like skull protects the brain of the woodpecker.

The column in the Peace Weekly made a study of the research of those who received the prize and found  four Koreans who won a prize. The latest for determining the reason a cup of coffee spills over the edges while walking. The principle of winning the Ig Nobel Prize is research that makes people laugh at first but then makes them think.

North  Korea and US summit have attracted worldwide attention and the possibility of a Peace Prize. Some Republican members of Congress have suggested Trump as a candidate. The contents of the letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee is that Trump's peace through force is working effectively and establishing peace on the Korean Peninsula.

However, following the fire and anger that was displayed for a time by Trump the Ig Nobel Peace Prize is more suitable. Obviously, if the peace settlement of the Korean Peninsula through the dismantling of the North Korea nuclear weapons is achieved then the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize will not be a dream.

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons(ICAN) along with many other individuals and organizations have made efforts to denuclearize.  ICAN has often succeeded in getting others  nominated for the Peace Prize. 

President Moon is not concerned who gets the Peace Prize, Korea only wants peace. Hopefully, the negotiations will not break down at the last minute. Otherwise, the laughter of the world will follow and  the Ig Nobel Prize. 

He ends the column by suggesting, a crazy idea that the driver for peace on the Korean Peninsula President Moon and two nurses who have worked on the island of Sorok with Hansen patients for 43 years, be the recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. He prays to God that we do get blessed with peace and  continues dreaming.

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