Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Moral Professor Grows in Wisdom

 In Bible & Life, a priest, moral professor, answers the question for the readers: Why is it wrong for a man to love a man and a woman to love a woman?

He begins with an incident he experienced while in Austria as an overseas student. One of his friends was a fellow seminarian, Francis, handsome, and well liked by all for his gentle disposition. During vacation, he invited the writer to his home for the vacation. However, he was living alone and during one of the meals he mentioned that he was homosexual.  The writer hearing this could in no way accept what was said, utterly confused, he quickly left the house. The seminarian shortly after left the seminary. 

Last year before the presidential election it became a sensitive issue. Up until just a few years ago, those who had this type of orientation were seen negatively by a majority of the citizens. At the beginning of the first decade of the new century, one of the entertainers came out as homosexual and was not allowed to perform. Shortly after the understanding of the public started to change and instead of the word homosexual, we began to hear a sexual minority.

Slowly dramas and movies were made with homosexuality as a plot and seen favorably. The queer culture has gained ground and public festivities are common. In a recent poll, 34 percent would have no difficulty with gay marriage. Like the United States, Korea in the near future will likely accept gay marriage.

Homosexuality is the physical and mental love of another of the same sex. There is much debate on the reason for homosexuality: whether it is innate or whether it is acquired after birth. All kinds of studies have been made but as of now nothing that gives us fully an understanding of the issue. 

There are many theories for the nurture understanding of the orientation whether direct or indirect the sexual experience can bring about the proclivity. Homosexuality according to this theory is caused by abnormal circumstances and the healing of the orientation was seen possible. In the past this was the dominant thinking.

What does the church think? To give the conclusion first: from the Scriptures it was condemned; the act was considered disordered and morally not tolerated. The sexual act was not open to life but only to the pleasure and consequently not a virtuous act. However, since the person has not chosen the lifestyle and has the orientation they are to be respected and treated kindly. Many find it a great trial, a cross that they have to carry in remaining chaste.

There are those who consider homosexuality as wrong and others see it as different; not like heterosexual marriage, the union of the two is not complete. In marriage they are open to giving birth to children and nursing them. The reason for the orientation has not been determined and because they are different from the majority to discriminate and to persecute them is wrong.

He wonders  what happened to his friend, Francis, of twenty years ago. Where is he now and what is he doing? If the occasion comes and they should meet he would ask about his life and laugh about the way he reacted to him over twenty years ago.


  1. Hi Fathers^^

    I was hoping you could provide the original Korean links to the articles you translate. It would be nice to read the originals. God Bless!

    1. Dismas, as was mentioned at the beginning of the article this was taken from the Bible and Life magazine (생활 성서)It is the June issue of 2018. Hope this helps.