Sunday, August 26, 2018

Age Quod Agis

In Korea recently 7 different religious groups have inaugurated a movement which in Korea would mean literally to 'live like' what we are called to do: live like mothers, like fathers, like children, like students, like teachers etc. A passable English translation: "Do what you're doing" (Age quod agis)  familiar in the Catholic tradition. The hope of the leaders is to go beyond the religious groups and become a national campaign.

In 2014 the movement began under Catholic auspices but an editorial in the Catholic Times expresses sadness that it lost its vigor and a reason for the new beginning. The lay members of the different religious groups are to live according to the teachings of their respective groups and they hope this will go beyond those with religion.

It's a movement to get rid of deception, manipulation, seeking authenticity, genuineness, honesty, sincerity in whatever is done. For Christians,not following the ways of the world but being true to one's beliefs and consciences. On Aug. 8th the movement was legally incorporated.

▲ Live like a good neighbor to others

▲ Like a family member, work to  make a happy household

▲ Live like a truly religious person

▲ Live my occupation, turning away from temptations to corruption and abuse

▲  Share like a member of society

▲  Work toward peaceful unification like a good citizen

▲  Go beyond the differences of religion and personal ideologies to work for peace like a world citizen

Doing what you are doing, concentrating on the task at hand and doing it to the best of one's ability are words often heard but rarely achieved, distractions are many. Colossians 3:23-- "Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men."

Different religions don't find it easy to work together on some common task. But doing what we do, well, according to the dictates of our religion is a task that all can accept without difficulty. This can also be extended to the larger community of citizen who asked to do what their consciences tell them to do, to the best of their ability, should find agreement among the majority. Would this not help in bringing about a better society?