Monday, June 10, 2019

Eco-Friendly Activities

In the parish bulletin this past week we had a list of 19 activities that will help us to return to a healthy relationship with our environment. They will lead to a simple, and minimal lifestyle for the brave of heart.

1. Use with restraint vinyl bags and plastic containers

2. Carry along a bottle of water 

3. Planned shopping—carry along a bag

4. Don't use disposables

5. Knowing and practicing on how to sort the trash

6. Restraint on using home delivery services and  request little packaging

7. Reduce the amount of meat and dairy products used

8. Increase the eating of vegetables

9. Eat food in season and buy locally

10. Restraint on ordering food to eat

11. Eat all the food on your plate

12. Prepare only the amount of food you need

13. Put the Frigidaire in order regularly

14. Refrain from buying bottled water

15. Taking a shower put the water waiting for the hot water to come in a pail to use on plants

16. Save the water you use in  washing dishes,  brushing teeth and washing

17. Walk short distances

18. Use public transportation

19. Wise use of electricity 

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