Saturday, July 6, 2019

Let Emotions Flow

Writing in the Kyeongyang magazine a scenarist brings to the reader's attention the place of emotions in life from her experience. Recently with a friend, she went to a  place for some drinks. In the basement, she thought there would be fewer people which was not the case. Because of the drinks, it seems the sounds coming from here and there were loud.

With great enthusiasm, cheers were being shouted out, bang bang sounds were heard in all directions. She turned towards the sounds and with great surprise saw a young woman coming down from the upper floor with a piece of iron in her hands striking the handrail. Glaring at all without compromise.

She said nothing but her eyes said everything—its noisy shut up if you don't I will do something— The writer approached the woman to apologize for the noise. The young woman said nothing just glared at her with her big beautiful eyes.

Even after leaving the place, on the way home and lying in bed she couldn't shake off the incident she had experienced. Couldn't forget the look in the woman's eyes. Focus without a soul, coming from great sadness, filled with anger, pupils of the eyes filled with loneliness.

She remembered her own past situations which were similar. 'Go home and kick the dog' would be a good translation of the Korean proverb she used to express her idea. You don't get angry at the one who causes you the grief but on others. You repress the anger which finally explodes one day, in a certain moment, on some person who is around.

Many are the times she has been upset, angered, and not let those emotions flow on. When these emotions are bottled up they will break out in unwanted ways. We need to do what is first in importance: management of our emotions.

Sadness, frustration,  anger needs to flow on for they will break out in ways not wanted. She has met many like the woman she mentions above with a grudge, expressed with bodily mannerisms and angered tone of voice, understands but finds sad.

The world is full of anger and sadness. She recommends sharing your emotions with others and let them flow and they will not change into harmful actions. Otherwise, we will take it out on others and vent our feelings inappropriately.

In conclusion, she wants us to express our emotions. If we don't have others with whom to share we have the mirror in the home. "I am lonely, it's difficult, it's unfair." I need to cry.  Emotions need to fly off. It's when we make the empty space in ourselves that joy finds a spot to enter and don't we now have a  place for love?

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