Thursday, August 1, 2019

Korean Catholic Times' New Electronic Site

The Catholic Times of Korea the oldest Catholic weekly has launched a website to keep its readers abreast of the news. The Catholic e Times will be available on your PC and mobile phone allowing one to access content not available in the newspaper. The Weekly in one of its recent issues introduced the new features of the online edition.

The 'Catholic e-Newspaper', launched in 2016, can be accessed with the smartphone that allows busy people to easily access church news and information anytime and anywhere. Also produces high-quality images and allows readers around the world to view the paper and YouTube channels.

Efforts were made so that the new media may be easily accessed by those who are not used to the smartphone. On the webpage that appears once you write (가톨릭e신문) you will have easy access to the site. However, you have free access to some areas and the others require that you pay a subscription fee. Those who speak Korean, may find this well worth the money. English is offered in many programs.

The Catholic Newspaper, which began in 1927 during the Japanese colonial period, has tried to present accurate news to the readers as a representative of the Korean Catholic Church. But today, Korea and the entire world suffers from "fake news" that is produced and spread indiscriminately.

The digital online media represented by YouTube has content that can not be verified as correct information. In particular, the news of the Catholic Church following the teachings of the universal church is also mixed with distorted content produced by channel operators who are keen on recruiting  religious groups and subscribers."Fake News" is not just YouTube's problem. "Fake News" spreads in blogs, cafes and portal sites operated by individuals— Facebook, KakaoTalk, etc. 

Catholic e-newspapers have various functions besides the opportunity of reading the newspapers. The Catholic e-Newspaper Premium gives you a chance to hear more news from honorary journalists from around the country. It also has a variety of attractions and informative contents such as videos and foreign language news services translated into Chinese and English.

The Catholic Newspaper has opened a channel on YouTube and is showing footage of films. In addition to conveying the news of the Korean church to the audience, they have attracted the attention of readers with appropriate visual content on many aspects of church life here in Korea. If you write (가톨릭 신문) in the YouTube search engine and click, the newspaper channel will appear and you will know how to continue.

This effort of the Church in Korea is a tool for evangelization and to help the Christians be more knowledgeable about their faith.