Tuesday, December 31, 2019

It's Alright to be Honest (New Year's Resolution)

The new year is about to begin. The writer in her article in the Kyeongyang magazine on Its alright to be honest is involved with teaching young people in her diocese about education in character building. She tells the readers that the new year has less emotion for her than in the past. It could be, she says, because in Asia as a Christian she enters the new year on three different dates: the first week of Advent, Jan.1st and the lunar New Year. She also admits it may be simply that she is tired.

She has decided to be more physically active in the new year. She has big plans, buying a new sports outfit and start taking vitamins and supplements. The body has given signs to the writer that something is wrong and she will listen and start to change even if her resolution will be quickly forgotten.

How is the soul? Are we as interested in helping the soul as well as the body? The soul is also sending us messages. In social media, we see all kinds of beautiful landscape pictures, foods, and when she sees herself it's depressing. When she hears someone utter that the going is rough she wants to chime it with she also is finding it tough and sighs. When she gets the courage to express what is in her heart as soon as it's done, instead of feeling relieved she regrets showing her weak side.

Her inner self is telling her to take a break and direct her attention to her needs but she doesn't want to listen. So today she makes believe all is well. She is doing as well as everybody else and gives a weak forced laugh. She quotes the lyrics of a song: "Say you are lonely, let everybody know. You can say it's hard, it's not something stupid. Everybody is the same all trying to laugh. You are strong but at the same time weak. No one knows which makes it all the harder. Many live sadly and without tears but you let them flow; difficult but don't raise your hands to wipe the tears, let them flow and go far away."

We put on our mental armor and urge ourselves on. We may lose the battle but we have not lost the war. These are the suggestion in the lyrics of the song Consolation but to us still awkward. To show our weak side is a question of doubt. We are afraid of being the only dropout. But Jesus showed us another way. "My Father, he said if it is possible, let this cup pass me by, Nevertheless, let it be as you, not as I would have it" (Matt.26:39).

Jesus the Son of God also asked that the coming suffering that was awaiting him be taken away. He also confessed that "My soul is sorrowful to the point of death." Jesus was not only honest and straight forward with his feelings but spent time with these thoughts. His words and actions have spread throughout the world and many have come to join him. If he had said in his prayer: I am ready may it begin, it would not have been the same for his followers.

At the start of the new year let us like Jesus be open and honest as he was. When lonely to express it, when difficult to say so, don't be afraid to cry, when we need to be alone, resolutely do so. When I try to show my strength to the world and hide my weakness at that time heal me. When tears come to our eyes instead of rushing to wipe the tears away is it not proper to ask the others to give them time to regain composure and a feeling of rest. Nobody will feel insulted.

Happy New Year and Many Blessing.