Monday, March 30, 2020

Living to 125

During the Joseon Dynasty, the average age of the successive kings was 47 years. Today longevity in Korea is in the top ranking of countries at 80 years.

A doctor writing in the Catholic Digest begins his article with the above information as an introduction to his ideas on how to live to be 125.

In the cell, are chromosomes a thread-like structure that contains a person's genes in the cell nucleus. They will determine much of our physical makeup.

As we get older the cells break down and we show our age. But in our bodies, we have Sirtium which produces proteins. When we live a harmonious habit like life the Sirtium produces more protein and repairs the damaged areas of the cell and extends longevity. The way to activate the Sirtium is to eat little.

We have scientists who say we have been programmed to live to 125, why is it that those who make it to 100 are so few? The doctor says we are not making use of what we have received. Does that mean that if we do all the right things we will live to a ripe old age? No, the doctor continues to show what is happening in the cell but advises against searching for the fountain of youth but rather how to live healthy, with meaning and a joyful heart.

What is the lifestyle of those who live in the areas of the world where longevity is common? On the Italian island of Sardinia, the Greek island of Ikaria, Okinawa, Costa Rica these and others are called the Blue Zone.

In Korea, we have areas of the country that are called the Blue Zone. In these areas, we see some common elements: people keep on activating both the body and spirit. Secondly, they use their bodies like tools so they don't need sports or gymnasiums to work out. Thirdly, they have a desire to learn, are positive and thankful. Fourth, they are close to family, friends and acquaintances and spirituality is important. Fifth, they consider retirement a death wish. Sixth, they have no particular medicines or foods only what is in their environment. Seventh, they rarely go to the hospital or pharmacy.

When it comes to their diet they eat without much deliberation, usually vegetarian but little. They eat little process and refined foods, all kinds of colored vegetables and fruits; they get their animal protein usually from fish and pork. Since the diet is mostly vegetables they get their B12 from fish and fermented foods. The animal protein comes from fish and pig meat.

Studies show that longevity is about 10 percent inherited. A long healthy life is not dependent on some medicine or lifestyle but harmonious activity joy and eating little.

In his experience in making the sick calls to the patients in the hospital, in his head, he hears the following refrain: "True long life is not its length but its health and joyful length."

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