Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic And Harmony

During the Coronavirus pandemic, many are the opinions on the tactics and strategies to prevent harm caused by the virus. We are still in the learning stage on the pandemic and a doctor writing in the Catholic Digest gives us his personal ideas on the subject.

The Creator borrowed the body of his parents and the living noble person called 'me' was given life. The Creator put the genetic factors for life in the bodies' directory giving direction to a healthy life. Even if we don't know what the directory contains we are programmed to lead a harmonious life.

He believes that the virus does not easily attack those who are living a harmoniously healthy life. We have within ourselves the antibodies that will do battle. Life is always seeking health and fights disease but always at its strongest when we live in harmony with nature. In our thinking, healing comes with the destruction of harmony. However, the infectious nature of the virus comes from the breakdown of the harmony that we should have in nature.

Bats have lived as friends to humankind for a long time eating harmful insects. There are about 130 different viruses that live in a bat body. However, because of the 40-degree body temperature they are not infected and are not the immediate host of the spread to humans. Consequently, bats with the virus can live harmoniously with us.

With the population increase and development continuing within nature the bats have retreated deeper into the wooded areas and domesticated animals and wild animals have come into our habitat; the virus mutating and coming into our lives.

It’s unlikely that bats directly gave the virus to humans is the opinion of many who have studied the subject. Scientists suspect that the bat infected another animal, an 'intermediate host', which transmitted the virus to humans.

All of life has a reason for its existence. Even what we consider useless such as weeds with their strong roots help to prevent landslides after heavy rains and during dry periods filters dust. What would happen if we got rid of all weeds?

In 1872 the United States made Yellow Stone a National Park. In 1926 the wolves living in the park, for fear they would harm the sightseers, were killed. For 70 years they were able to see the changes in the natural habitat of the park and were surprised to see the great harm to nature.

The wolves in one year would have killed 22 deer. After the disappearance of the wolves, the elks began to increase. They grew in great numbers destroying the aspen and willow trees, grasses, and water became scarce. Instead of wolves, the cayotes increased and they began to rule and the number of other animals began to change and little by little the park began to deteriorate.

Without those trees, songbirds began to decline, beavers no longer built their dams and riverbanks started to erode. Without beaver dams and the shade from trees and other plants, water temperatures were too high for cold-water fish.

The natural environment was destroyed. In 1996 the experts seeing the results of their interference in the natural life of the park put back 14 wolves. It was like a miracle. The number of elks decreased, those that remained, to evade the wolves moved to another area. Where the deer vacated the aspen and willow began to appear in great numbers and birds and many different kinds of plants began to grow. The otter, ducks, a variety of fish, rabbits, rats, foxes, and weasels brought badgers and eagles.

What nature desires is harmony and a healthy environment. We have to be conscious of not destroying this harmony in nature. We are a part of nature and the Creator programmed our genes to live harmoniously and in a healthy relationship with nature.

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