Monday, August 3, 2020

Cleaning the Mind Gives Vitality

Organizing our exterior environment leads to a change in life.

When you look at a neatly organized house after cleaning, you feel refreshed. It's hard, but it makes one proud and happy. "Cleaning up is a matter of moving the body, but it certainly has a great influence on the mental faculty." So begins an article in the Catholic Peace Weekly in which the reporter uses the words of three well-known councilors to increase our vitality.

Those who have experienced putting order into their life have experienced change. One couple after consultation, said, "The cleanliness of the house reduced the fighting and improved the relationship between them" One of the experts said, "The final goal of putting things in order is to bring about life changes."

One of the councilors said: "I think the opposite of happiness is not misfortune, but confusion and disorder. No matter how wealthy, those who don't appear happy maybe if you look at their surroundings, the internal situation is not in order in many cases. Cleaning up the space of life allows us to look back at the whole of our past life."

In the United States, life organizing experts are professionals who help you put life in order. They help to effectively prepare, plan, and organize all daily life, not just the living space, but also life and work.

How does one put aside negative emotions? Organizing and discarding things is also a matter of getting rid of possessions and obsessions. After cleaning up the surroundings, it is easier to relax and forget what was bothering you. The mind is the same. After clearing up the dizziness and confusion in your mind, you need to make room for new energy."You are not actually emptying your mind but filling it with positive thoughts and feelings."

The key to emptying your mind is to quickly get away from bad emotions like depression, anger, sadness, and irritation. Many experts recommend walking as a good way to do this. Walking helps you see your situation in a new environment, away from the space of bad emotions. It's also a good idea to stay alone or meet someone you like and have a conversation. "I have to know for myself what will make me feel better." At the same time, care must be taken not to fall into a state of loss. You are not the only one with similar feelings.

The article ends with the counseling experts giving their thoughts on how to empty the mind.

The priest recommends rather than emptying to fill it with the things that you like and you will forget what bothered you. Your mood is changed. One needs to awaken the senses: vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell. Listening to your favorite music, drinking fragrant coffee, watching fun movies. Then you will feel better soon. When he has time, he goes to the mountains. Step by step, reality and delusion began to differentiate. When you organize your thoughts energized by the trees and soil, your mind will improve. I'm not just letting go of a bad mood. "I'm trying to change my mood quickly. Do what I like. It's important for me to take care of me, not to hope that someone else will make me feel good. Reward yourself."

The religious sister when she is feeling dizzy: walks and writes but recommends strongly you put the smartphone down. Watching a smartphone has become a habit for all of us. She lives with her smartphone but believes that if you keep away from it, you can empty your mind. News addiction, an excess of information can lead you away. For her watching, the news is also stressful. She recommends using the smartphone only from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, but not at other times. Dieting should be done steadily to succeed.

The Layperson mentions the problem when driving because of backup traffic. He gets annoyed and angry but when he looks around everybody is in the same situation. He is not the only one. "No one planned this or deliberately intended the traffic jam. It's not just me. When something happens that is difficult he asks himself: What does the other person feel? It has become an ever-present topic of life. Asking questions like that creates a bond with the other person and the feeling that I am sharing my pain helps me to empty my mind."

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