Saturday, January 2, 2021

The Color of Corona19


The Current Event column of the Catholic Peace Weekly wants to discover the color of the Coronavirus 19 and give readers something to reflect on during the New Year.

Color is expressed through the harmony of light and objects. Various colors are recognized according to the wavelength of light, the angle of reflection, and the complex process recognized by our sense of sight. There are a lot of things young children ask their parents about color. Why is the sky blue? Why are the autumn leaves red?
According to each one's experience and knowledge, one discerns the colors they like and the colors they dislike. And in some cases, a simple color may reveal a certain meaning or even the psychological state of a person.
The writer likes blue. It is reminiscent of the sea and reminds him of the sky. It is said that Chinese people like red. Is it because of the tradition that says it prevents bad luck? Yellow is the color of gold that brings wealth, and purple is said to be a complex and mysterious color. Each color is unique, but the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue can be mixed to achieve the secondary colors and this can continue making other colors.
The coronavirus that has plagued us in 2020 also has been given the color blue. In English, 'blue' is not just the color blue, but is used as a word that expresses depression. We have recently expressed the feeling of loss in our daily life, the emptiness, the lost comfort, the encouragement we experienced through human relationships with the corona blue.
However, Corona Red appeared. Changes in human emotions in the face of pain often lead to feelings of embarrassment, depression, anger, desperation, and despair.  Red means one was very angry because of the corona. Why shouldn't stressed people not be angry? However, if anger caused by natural events is directed in the wrong direction, there is a high risk of leading to antisocial behavior. When the virus expands from a personal level to a social level, this hurts many members of the social community and begins to destroy relationships.
And the next step is Corona Black. You can fall into a dark situation where you pass through depression and anger, and even feel desperate. Black is the color of darkness, the color that expresses the night, and the color that seems to be reminiscent of a tunnel. In this way, Corona covered us in a blue-stained melancholy, made us angry, and eventually drove our spirits into pitch-black darkness.
The stress caused by corona has spread to corona trauma. It is serious in that there is a real panic that leads to the collapse of the household economy, and these are not only psychological and symbolic expressions. This shouldn't be. 2020 is over, but time is not over and it has brought us into the unknown 2021.
Now the color of the corona should go white. The white light at the end of the tunnel is the vaccine. A game-changer appeared. Beginning with the UK and the US, the corona train of fear passed through the tunnel. Will finally, Corona Green, a clean forest, a harmonious ecosystem, and a green and safe daily life be restored? He believes so.
However, blue, red, black, white, are merely symbolic colors, figurative expressions of our human feelings, but in fact, the colors themselves are only phenomena not bad or good, right or wrong. We hope with the New Year's morning our hearts are strengthened with subtle sunlight of hope, a beautiful sunrise. Let light now shine in a bruised heart, stained with corona.

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