Friday, April 2, 2021

For Priests Who Do Not Know What to Change in Life


            An Open Letter to Priests

A priest writing for priests makes some very strong points, on what we should be sorry if up to now we did not know. It's an article for only certain members of the clergy. Therefore, if you think you know what you need to change, don't waste your time, and energy reading this article to the end. He wants to emphasize that this short article does not mean to criticize or attack anyone in any way. What a lost priest needs is encouragement and consolation from love, and not nagging.

However, he would like to make clear that he doesn't include himself among those who have not lost their way. He would like to mention some areas where some of the priests who feel lost may find their way back. He hopes his proposal will not be a reason for controversy. You don't have to agree, hopes you will listen with a generous heart.
First, he wants to emphasize the principle of solidarity. He wants to address the patriarchal ideology which we deal with now and continue to do so in the future. The more you think it has nothing to do with oneself, the more suspicious we should be of our attitude. It's spread in our society, in the church, like the air around us.
Second, the more likely we are to misinterpret the reality we live in, the more likely it is that the gospel is not being declared. Consequently the need to emphasize the importance of recognizing one's historical view.
Third, observe how you go about your pastoral work, and clearly recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your own private life. We will then be open to hearing with our ears and heart the words of the believers.
Fourth, make a list of what you think is natural and look at it over and over again. For example, the question: 'Is it natural for me to be healthy?' If you think so, write 'health'. The more of these obvious things you have that are listed the less you will have to be grateful for in life.
Fifth, he thinks it important to continue learning and training oneself on how to love God and the world more, and is this the way I am living? A priest who is captivated by himself may be able to speak of the love of the Lord, shown to us by the death on the cross, but will not be giving testimony with his life.
As a Christian, living as a priest of Christ we should with time grow happier and more grateful. It doesn't mean there's no pain or hardship.
Today is Good Friday remembering the death of our Lord on the Cross. During this pandemic, everything is influenced greatly by the virus and in Korea, all will be far from normal but we all make the effort to live wisely— changing what we can and  humbly acknowledge our failings and ask for the strength and courage to begin working on what we can't do.

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