Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Strength of Faith


An article in the Catholic Times considers the situation of many believers who are enjoying a vacation from their Sunday attendance and participation in parish societies. Many have regarded their faith life as a burden and these days they feel relieved and relaxed because of the Corona 19.

The priest columnist in his article hearing these words of a believer felt great sadness. The faith life is a burden. Even if it's not because of Corona 19, he has heard a lot of similar difficulties from believers. There are times when religious life is burdensome and annoying. "If I hadn't known God, I wouldn't have the Sunday observance, time and effort spent in the community, able to overlook the dark side of the world and make more comfortable choices. That's right, it might be exactly as she expressed it. When there comes a time too burdensome the writer recommends we remember the contents of the pledge we made at Baptism.

+ What do you ask of God's church? ● Faith

+ What does faith give you? ● Eternal life.
You should be able to trust God with your whole heart, entrusting your life to God every day. This is the way of faith. Christ will lead you to love so that you can have eternal life which begins here and now.

There must be many people who don't remember well because it was a long time ago. But what's clear is that our faith began with this response. Once again, let's slowly meditate on the priest's prayer. The way of faith is to trust God every day, with our lives, and all our hearts. Of course, it's not an easy path. It's a long path, a path of the pilgrim. However, the prayer is not a lonely road that has to be walked alone, but rather that Christ will "lead you to love" and lead us on to life eternal.
When our lives are happy, it is not easy to realize the joy of walking on the path of faith. The sweet joy of happiness that I feel now is a self-fulfilling experience. When life goes smoothly without big problems, many people forget God. But there is no life full of joy. Pain and sadness, frustration and betrayal, despair and anguish are also part of life. When the dark moments of life come, what keeps us from falling into despair? To those who want an answer, he wants to tell you the story from one of the Korean poets: 'Thanks Stone'.

In some villages in Africa, there is a river that is not deep but has a very strong current. People in the village cross the river carrying heavy stones. It must be hard just to get through the strong current, but why in the world do they also carry a heavy stone?  It's very puzzling, but there was a reason for their behavior. Because if you misstep and stumble and get swept away by the current, the heavy stone will take the center of gravity and protect your life.

Maybe it's the same with our faith that sometimes feels burdensome. As you go through various paths in life, there are days when you encounter problems that cannot be dealt with by your own ability and strength. At that time, faith is the motive-power that gives strength so that we don't get swept away in the dark. Faith teaches us that God is with us at that moment, that he is walking along the painful path with us, so cheer up.

Parents are crossing through the high seas of life holding onto the little hands of a child. Taking precarious and small steps. One may lose their balance for a while become distracted, the child's hand may slip away. A moment of carelessness may come when you are in danger. If one possessed the heavy stone of faith, one would never be washed away by the current of the harsh world. Adults need to put the weight of faith in the arms of the children so that they may move easily in the world.

At this moment, he hopes that the words of Chapter 43 of Isaiah will encourage those who are struggling on the path of faith and help parents to continue to present this path to their children.

Do not be afraid, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name, you are mine. Should you pass through the sea, I will be with you; or through rivers, they will not swallow you up (Isaiah 43: 1-2). 

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